Female Integrity

The map shows the prevalence of female genital mutilation in Africa and Yemen among women aged 15–49.
Source: UNICEF

About us

Female Integrity was officially established and registered, by Tax Office in Uppsala, after the very encouraging experience that one of the founders had at the NGO Forum on Women in Huairou, China, in 1995 (Unofficially 1992). Soon after returning from China, she and other interested Ethiopians set up an association, named Female Integrity (FI), in Uppsala, Sweden, to campaign against harmful practices, especially FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), carried out on women.

The association campaigns for ending the practice of FGM by raising consciousness of the injurious effects of the practice through information and education. FI together with the Ethiopian Women’s Association in Uppsala participates in national and international seminars where the progress of the campaign against FGM is discussed and updated and future strategy mapped out.

The association is the Uppsala-based organization of RISK, which is the national association for ending the practice of FGM. It works in close coordination and cooperation with the other branch associations of RISK. It also participates in the activities of other organizations that generally campaign for human rights.

We are partners of the END FGM European Campaign which is run by Amnesty International Ireland. The campaign aims to ensure that the European Union delivers a definitive strategy to prevent young girls and women in Europe from being mutilated and to protect those who flee their countries for fear of being mutilated. To learn more, go to their website.

Female Integrity has undertaken the task of having international conventions and national laws relevant to FGM translated into the Amharic language and plans to do the same regarding other African languages.

The organisation's logo is intended to signify an undiminished fullness, i.e. full integrity. The colour is to strengthen the message that the circle carries.

You can find more information about FGM on RISK's website.

Contact: femaleintegrity@telia.com